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Wrath Of Rouge

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Ice sheets crumble and fog thickens on the Upper Rouge River during a late December thaw. Clinging with one hand to a fragile deceased tree branch, I very hesitantly proceeded down a rotting tree trunk that had fallen into the now raging river as I made exposure adjustments, and shot the photo with my other hand. Although the river was not deep, it was cold, fast, wet and most notable in my memory, my camera was not water proof. In the back of my head were two other thoughts: first, everything I tried from sturdy ground on the shore was too sharp of an angle; second, I would be forever upset with myself if I did not get this capture. So there I sat, weight spread wide on the slippery footing, shooting and re shooting with one hand until the composition in my head matched the composition in the viewfinder. No cameras or dry socks were harmed in the taking of this photograph.

Nicolas Boileau