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Decaying Dawn

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Blue beams of early morning sunlight shoot though golden columns on a bitterly cold winter morning in Detroit's Michigan Central Train Station. Late in 2008, friend and fellow photographer Francis Bartus and I decided we'd like to see what kind of light the winter solstice provided to the interior of the train station. For full effect, we knew we had to arrive at, or around sunrise which was rather daunting that morning as it was just below freezing with nearly 30 mile per hour wind. We arrived to discover that the grand entrance and main lobby, which I had hoped to shoot, were receiving no sunlight whatsoever. However, the rear lobby was well saturated with this cyan and yellow palette with an intensity that I have been unable to reproduce. The angle was afforded to me by a hole that had been knocked through the wall (similar to the one directly across in the left of the frame) by Micheal Bay's crew when filming the Transformers movie. While this new vantage point was certifiably convenient for me, I remain somewhat irked that I cannot even recall the shot taken from this spot being used in the movie. The angle either did not make the cut, or was used so briefly that I have to question why they couldn't have just used a ladder to access this platform.