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Rare shards of light penetrate the front windows of the Michigan Central Train Station in Detroit to bathe the grand lobby during the early morning hours near summer solstice. Having misjudged the light that would be available in the station during winter solstice, I revisited it six months later to shoot the front lobby just after sunrise. Expecting full on arches to project through the windows, I arrived to find that the angle of the building was such that, even when the sun was at its lowest east most point, it only provided the narrow beams pictured. While not as grand as I had initially imagined, they in turn lined up perfectly with the huge arches supporting the roof, creating a sort of snail shell spiral for the eye to follow until finally resting on the arched window and doorway in the center of the frame. When I had finished shooting, I ended up having to leave very quickly and stealthily, as an influx of what looked like contractors entered through the front door. As I drove away from the complex I and took a second look, it turned out to be a bunch of teenagers in hard hats, who probably would not have minded my presence. Later that day I had learned that the owner Manuel Moroun had *so graciously* allowed these volunteers to come in and pick the place up. They picked up all the trash on the floor, and swept the piles of dirt (inhaling god knows what kind of dust), and for better or worse re-sealed the place, including the entrance I had been using. To my knowledge I was the last photographer to enter the building for quite some time, as they did decent work preventing entry. Unfortunately, Moroun let this gesture stagnate and someone (presumably scrappers) eventually re-breached the building. As of 2012, all of the glass has been removed from the window panes in what would appear to have been a similar substance-less effort to win public favor for his proposed second bridge to Windsor.