Nicolas Boileau

Nicolas Boileau

Film & Video

Art and Resistance

Art and Resistance is an expirimental short filmed in Detroit's post industrial landscape featuring SCAN-7's Trackmasta Lou. With this peice, I really wanted to show what can be done on camera with some of the many locations around Detroit, photography and lighting generally took precidence over the plotline. (Winter 2008)


Zeit Ist Kunst

Zeit Ist Kunst (Time is Art) is an expirimental piece that explores time manipulation. The piece is just over three minutes. The first minute features half an hour of footage compressed into 64 seconds, the second minute is composed of 64 still images arranged in a stop-motion style animation, while the final segment contrasts the first two, verifying that they are the same length. The idea was to see how short, and long I could make a minute appear to last on screen. (Winter 07)


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