Nicolas Boileau

Nicolas Boileau


Welcome to my Ego

I am Nicolas Boileau. I live work and photograph in Detroit. I consciously choose to be lovably abrasive and laughably vain. My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. My favorite part is when he talks and talks, about a mile a minute, non-stop; yes the whole book is my favorite part about the book because that's the way my mind works. You're looking at a bit of my brain, the part that won't shut the hell up, even at six in the morning. I don't know what that part of the brain is called; you'll notice that neuroscience is not listed among my areas of expertise at the top of the page. You will however see four categories with a binding backbone: digital media. I have been designing and developing websites since my freshman year of high school in 2001, and began an obsession with photography in 2005. Along the way I stumbled into the digital audio world by means of DJ'ing, and naturally film when photography and sound converged with motion.

If you've arrived looking for a cocksure poet who died 400 years ago you're in luck because I am like him but better. Concurrently, if you're not impressed it's because I'm not particularly trying to impress you. If this site looks jumbled and confusing, you might need to update your browser. If it still looks jumbled and confusing, it's because you are a designer, and I am a developer. In other words, you paint and move the furniture, while I build it, or depending on the budget, build the machines that build the furniture, or sometimes build the factories that build the machines. I have what may be considered an unhealthy obsession with abstracting code; finding duplicate processes and joining them, so that their new state can be further combined as necessary.


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